Monday, April 30, 2012

Cookies make everything better... Right?

Warning: I'm about to sound like a real brat.

If you're still reading, please be advised that the above warning serves as a disclaimer to any and all criticism.

On Friday, Charlie took me to get my first professional massage. I think it ruined my running. Not in a "I'll never run again, she ruined me" kind of way. More like a, "She dug her thumbs and elbows into my pressure points and almost made me scream" kind of way. 

I told you, I was about to sound like a brat. Don't get me wrong, I am eternally grateful for the free massage I was gifted. After Ragnar, I knew that my muscles could use some serious work. This, however, was a neuromuscular massage, where the massage is focused more on pressure points and the release of lactic acid and toxins from the muscles (read: not relaxing). I think I almost cried for half of the massage. The other half felt GREAT. "If you punch her now you can run out and wait for Charlie by the car." "If you cry too hard your snot is going to hit the ground and she is going to know." "Don't be such a wuss, Alyssa, suck it up it's just a massage." "If Charlie can do it, you can do it." Needless to say, my mental pick me ups barely got me through. I survived, however, and I did actually feel better afterwards.

On Saturday I woke up with every intention to run... but somehow I ended up walking myself to the restaurant on the corner and buying myself breakfast. Now sure how that happened. My shoes have a mind of their own.

Sunday I actually made it into my running shoes and headed off for a quick 6 miles. Again, the intention was to run the 6 miles at a decent pace. My legs felt like absolute LEAD. I felt like I hadn't run in WEEKS. "You just ran 21 miles over two days, little legs, pick it up!" "Honestly, what is the problem?" "Look there's a Starbucks, maybe coffee would help?" "At least keep moving." It was horrible. The worst run - well not the worst ever, but the worst run since my second leg of Ragnar, which was the worst run EVERRRR. Either way, I survived. I came home, stretched, iced, sticked the crap out of my legs, and took it easy.

Today I decided to try a little run after work to see if maybe it was just a rough day. The route below is only 3.5 miles and again, I STRUGGLED. I usually try to keep my music off until I'm in the zone and I actually need it. I literally didn't make it to the end of my block before I turned it up as loud as possible.

Now, I'm eating as many warm fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies that I possibly can. I hear those help legs feel more springy.

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