Friday, May 25, 2012


At this point it's T minus 8 days (or maybe 9, I'm not 100% sure how to count down days. Do you count today? Do you count the day of? So confusing) until the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon. My spur-of-the-moment-decision-to-run-my-first-half-marathon. My training up until now has looked somewhat like this:

Monday -- Nada. NOTHING. Maybe some bowling.
Tuesday -- Short run, 3-4 miles. Then lots of kicking butt at softball. 
Wednesday -- Yoga/Large amounts of stretching
Thursday -- 4-5 mile AM run before work
Friday -- 3-4 mile AM run before work (this one gets skipped sometimes... not even gonna lie about it)
Saturday -- LR (anywhere from 8-10 miles) 
Sunday -- Either a short 4-5 miles or some cross-training

This last Saturday I did an awesome 11.5 miles that included part of an old Team in Training course with some gnarly hills. GNARLY. But I felt GREAT. It was just the run I needed to give me the confidence boost that I'm going to be just fine for the race. I took a ClifShot (Double Espresso is my poison of choice) around mile 6 or 7 and that really kicked my butt into gear. The sun was actually out earlier than it normally is so I struggled with the sun for a few miles but managed to enjoy the tanning time. My tank top tan is starting to get mighty defined. 

Now we enter Taper Week. Also known as Cranky-Bloated-Tired-Restless week. I'm going to do another 6 in the morning tomorrow and that will be my last run over 3 miles until Race Day. I can't stand just sitting around so I'll definitely do a few small, slow (ha, can it get slower?), easy runs just to keep my legs moving. Lots of yoga, lots of stretching, lots of water, and CARRRBS. You can laugh, but race week is a complete excuse for wonderful glorious pasta dinners. So I will enjoy them and they will make me a tiny bit less cranky.

Do you taper before races? Complete rest or just light runs? 

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