Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wait.. what?

^^^ That just happened.

See here's what happened. Last night Charlie treated me to my very first massage - which just so happened to be a "neuromuscular massage" performed by a wonderful woman named Sarah
in Manhattan Beach. I may have mentioned that I run a lot (and bragged a little about Ragnar, standard procedure) so she destroyed my muscles because they were so tight.

Needless to say, I'm having trouble being active today and opted for Eggs Benedict (completely against my quasi-veganness) by myself along with Harry Potter Book 1. 

I was feeling a little bit guilty about not running today, so  I started browsing upcoming races . Sometimes if I talk/research/think about running I can fool myself into pretending that I ran. Not really, but I try to.

Then, next thing I know, I'm alerting my best friend to the fact that I will be crashing on her couch the entire first weekend of June and I'm charging my credit card for the full registration fee of the Half Marathon.

I promise I'll run tomorrow.

See you at the finish line!!

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