Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Back Story

The Back Story:

I never in a million years thought I would become this passionate about running. I played softball for many (read: MANY) years and considered running to be more of a punishment than anything else. I’ve never been slender, or fast, or even remotely motivated to stay in the gym for hours on end. Put me on a softball field and I’ll be out there all day. With a real job, a serious relationship, and a city like Los Angeles BEGGING me to eat all of the good food possible (as if it’s going to disappear someday, ha), I abandoned my softball ways and entered the Big Girl World. The problem with this is that I also abandoned my competitive spirit, and that left a giant void.

Enter: running. I blindly committed to Team in Training in Fall 2008 and started training with my boyfriend’s sister for the Nike Women’s Marathon. Unfortunately, I worked retail and had wonky hours so I missed some training runs but still tried to make up the distance quickly. I know you’re shaking your head at me – and I learned my lesson – a stress fracture in my right foot. Well, I didn’t make my fundraising quota either (isn’t this a fun story?) so I wasn’t going to be able to run Nike anyway. I last minute registered B and I for the Long Beach Marathon.

I knew my foot wasn’t 100% but I truly thought I could make it all the way through. We made it to Mile 15. Embarrassingly enough a race golf cart picked us up and carted us over to a side street where we were picked up – never to see the Finish Line. MORTIFYING. To this day I think about it every time I consider running another marathon. Maybe I was weak, maybe I failed, but then I reassure myself that I know my body and I probably would have injured myself very badly if I had kept going.

SO – here we are. The here and now. I run 10k and 5k’s fairly often and I go to the gym on a regular basis. Then, I heard about Ragnar. I scrounged up a team (not a very reliable one, mind you, like a million people bailed on me before race day) and we finished all 203.5 miles in 35 hours.

HELLO? THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR ALL ALONG. I don’t know where Ragnar has been all of my life, but I wish I had known about it. Now, I won’t miss another if I can seriously help it.

All of a sudden, I’m motivated again. I want to run a Half. Hell, eff it, I want to run a Full. So I need you to keep me accountable. To read my updates and tell me if you think I’m being stupid, or stubborn. I need you to help me finish this one. I’m going to register for Long Beach again, because there’s only one way to prove that I am truly capable and that’s to go back and FINISH.

So in October, you’ll see me cross that finish line, I promise you.

Now, let’s get some new shoes.

(p.s. did I mention I’m starting Law School in the Fall? Yeah, I’ll be training AND in the first few weeks of Law School. I never said I was sane.)


  1. Your legs might fall off... But you can RUN ALL THE MILES!!!

  2. I am always there with you in spirit BUT never be shocked if I show up in person and follow you at least half way.

  3. Even though I'm 2000 miles away I'm always supporting you in anything you do! Stubborn? Sure you are, but then you get that from your mom.. haha! I just KNOW you can do this sweetie. xoxo